DIY Magnolia Wreath | Christmas Wreath

Steps to Making the Perfect Wreath

* Start with a 15-inch florist foam wreath that has been soaked in water. Note: Dave prefers the OASIS brand.
* Set the form atop an empty 3-gallon nursery pot. The groove on the bottom of the form fits perfectly on the pot, keeping it stable.
* Insert individual leaves directly into the foam so they are perpendicular to the form. No need for wire or glue. Four concentric rings of leaves should cover the wreath.
* To hang your wreath, tie fishing line to the form and loop over a galvanized finishing nail driven into the top of the window frame. Red velvet ribbon looped through the wreath hides the line and nail. Finish with a red velvet bow.

Save Money: Reuse the bows and wreath forms each year. To get an extra year of life out of the foam, unsnap sections from the plastic form, flip them over, and use the other sides.

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